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       本校積極與國際接軌,目前約有170所海外姊妹校,同時與10餘所國際學校簽署雙聯學位計畫。國際的評比上,中大持續進步。在上海交通大學公佈的世界大學排名、美國新聞與世界報導(U.S. News&World Report)全球最佳大學排名,均名列全球前五百大。在英國高等教育調查公司QS的前200名亞洲最佳大學,也躋身百大。



       National Central University (NCU) is a university with long-standing traditions in Taiwan. Founded in Nanjing in 1915, NCU was the leading academic center in the Southeast China; the phrase “North the Peking University; South the Central University” at that time revealed the significance of NCU. NCU was later re-established in Taiwan in 1962 and started the development on the basis of Geophysics. After our endeavor over 50 years, NCU has expanded its school size and had great achievements both in academic and research development. NCU is now one of the leading universities in Taiwan.


       Located in Zhongli, NCU covers an area of 62 hectares. We have approximately 12,000 students, and there are 8 colleges, 25 departments, 20 graduate institutes, 8 university-level research centers and one united research center, the Office of Teaching Centers (OTC), and the affiliated Zhongli Senior High School. NCU is truly a comprehensive university of rich scientific and humanistic facilities.


       In addition to constantly making breakthroughs in academic fields, NCU puts emphasis on holistic education, providing students with a platform for self-learning and the realization of their creativity. We also conduct industry-university collaboration and interaction to enable students to engage themselves in autonomous learning, to equip them with professional skills, and to help them develop multiple interests during their study at NCU.


       NCU is a campus of tranquility with numerous pine trees scattering over the place. On the wave of global green economy, NCU builds an environment-friendly green campus based on our solid foundations of sustainable development. Meanwhile, the first Kunqu Museum in Taiwan will be open to the public in 2017. The museum symbolizes the abundant resources in humanities and also builds a bridge between the humanities and sciences for the faculty and students.

       “Sincerity in knowledge; simplicity in life” is the motto of NCU, and it is the spirit that we expect all our students to keep in mind for a lifetime. In addition to achieving outstanding performances in their professions, students should be able to think reflexively, fit into the society maturely and considerately, and keep the down-to-earth attitude of NCU. We aim to lead our faculty and students to create a learning environment with both strong humanistic concerns and academic research on this beautiful and culturally-rich campus, to provide students with global vision and diverse learning experiences, and to become one of the world’s top universities with unique characteristics.

認識中大About NCU: Student Life
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